22nd August 2016
Our CEO David Jordan has been nominated as NSW Volunteer of the Year for his volunteer work with schools. This is great recognition of Solutions4Strategy social charter to ensure that we add value to our communities.

15th August 2016
Breakfast seminar at the Melbourne Hilton South Wharf. We had a great turnout. Many of the executives are looking for how they can break the cycle of flat growth. They need to introduce strategies for sustainable revenue growth. Many are talking to us about how we can help them reinvent their businesses.

8th August 2016
We had a great turnout for our Sydney Breakfast seminar at the Hilton. Growth again was top of the agenda. Discussions after the presentation focused around the question whether business models were still fit for purpose.

29th July 2016
David doing a workshop at the Singapore Facilitators Network. The workshop focused on Game Changing thinking and how to help organisations reinvent themselves. The session used a number of examples to demonstrate how we can miss opportunities due to perceptions.

28th July 2016

David signing copies of his book “The CEO Innovation Blueprint” at the Singapore Facilitators conference.

Graphical recording of David’s plenary speech at the Singapore Facilitators conference by Kailin Huang.

David doing the plenary session at the Singapore Facilitators conference. David presented on future fitting the organisations and the challenges faced.

27th July 2016
Conrad Centennial Singapore where David held the Singapore Breakfast seminar on Innovation with Impact. No matter where we have held these seminars, the key issue for executives is sustainable growth.

22nd July 2016
Visiting our new office in Canary Wharf London. The Brexit issue has refocused the UK on reigniting sustainable growth.

The views are not bad from the office in Canary Wharf which is the financial district of London.

20th July 2016
David presenting at the Hilton Belfast. Continuing the world tour on Innovation with Impact. We had a number of non-for-profits talking to us about the changing nature of the sector and how they need to reinvent themselves to continue to provide services to their clients.

18th July 2016
David talking to a prospect on strategic planning tools to help organisations drive sustainable growth. We were sponsors of the World Credit Union Conference in Belfast and talking to mutual executives acrossw the globe.

James following up on support calls between session breaks.

15th July 2016
Continuing our “Innovation with Impact” world tour. Holding our breakfast seminar at the Hilton Canary Wharf.

1st July 2016
Visiting our new Irvine office Orange County. We located here as this is an innovation and technology hub between Los Angeles and San Diego.

1st July 2016
Present the innovation with impact world tour breakfast seminar at the Hilton Irvine. We had a large turnout of entrepreneur and startups from pharmaceutical to aeronautics.

29th June 2016
David presenting at the Hilton in Seattle. Continuing the world tour breakfast seminars on innovation with impact.

28th July 2016
As a Microsoft Certified Partner we had to visit the Microsoft Campus in Redwood. Seattle is becoming a hub for innovation with not only Microsoft, but Google, Facebook and Amazon setting up campus here as well.

27th July 2016
Our CEO David has a strong interest in Hydrogen technology. David visited the Boeing Factory and saw some of their developments on hydrogen based engines for aircraft.

26th July 2016
David speaking to a prospect at the USA Credit Union Conference about how our Enterprise Strategic Planning software can help them drive sustainable growth.

23rd July 2016
Continuing our Innovation with Impact world tour into Canada. Talking to a number of executives at our breakfast seminar in Montreal.

Being shown some of the sites of Montreal

17th June 2016
Our first stop of the World Tour on Innovation with Impact. Presenting our first breakfast session at the Hilton Midtown New York. All panic stations as we missed the connecting flight to New York and managed to only get in at 11pm the night before. We will be doing 7 countries over 5 weeks, hope this is not an omen.

Visiting Time Square New York in the evening.